Perfect vitamins for the whole family

Perfect vitamins for the whole family

Regardless of the stage of life that your patient is in, it’s nearly impossible for him or her to get the RDA of essential vitamins through simply eating in a healthy manner. Prescribing high quality supplements gives them the boost they need in addition to a healthy diet. The team of doctors and nutritionists at Green Leaf Sciences has spent a lot of time and effort formulating perfect vitamins for the whole family.

We offer both general vitamins for good overall coverage and specific ones that are known to be deficient in the population as a whole such as Vitamin D. We use only the most natural and top quality ingredients, so that your patients will have no side effects to be concerned about.

For those of your patients who are immuno-compromised or looking to increase overall health by fortifying their immune systems, we have created a product called Vidammune. Vidammune includes a blend of antioxidant herbs and enzymes, which combine to provide a powerful boost to the immune system while limiting damage due to free radicals and pathogens.

Vitamins everyone needs

It is your job as a physician to, not only treat disease and injuries, but to maximize general health in your patients. The speed and intensity with which human beings live their lives appears to be increasing with each passing year, and the resulting stress too often gets in the way of your patient’s achieving optimum sleep and diet. Both are of utmost importance in terms of overall good health.

Though you can’t make people slow down and destress their lives, you can help by selling vitamins to your patients that contain vital ingredients proven to support a healthier body.

For your private practice

We know that it’s your goal to prescribe the best vitamins for families, which is why we offer a large variety of all natural, plant-based supplements for people of all ages. As you navigate through the website, read more about the unique, high quality blend of ingredients we use as well as the solid science backing up our products. We’re confident that you will feel comfortable recommending GLS supplements to all of your patients.