Natural nervous system support supplements

Natural nervous system support supplements

Did you know that getting the recommended daily allowance of B vitamins is vital to to the health of your nerves? Though many foods are fortified with vitamins including some of the B group, it can be difficult to get enough of these critical nutrients from food alone. Taking good quality B vitamin can serve as a natural nervous system support supplement. B vitamins have other benefits as well, including helping to boost HDL or good cholesterol, maintaining a healthy body weight, and lowering the risk of heart and blood vessel disease.

When choosing a good supplement the most important factor is product comparisons. Even though it may be tempting to choose the least expensive item, pricing is less important than quality. One question to ask is: what is the source of the vitamin — is it plant or animal-based? Another is how bioavailable is the particular product you’re considering? The Green Leaf Sciences B12 vitamin supplements are made from a unique, all natural plant called Lichen, which is easily absorbed.

Vitamin B

One of the most critical components of the Vitamin B complex is Vitamin B12 which acts as a natural nervous system support by providing maintenance of the myelin. Myelin is a fatty substance that surrounds some nerve cells, forming an insulating layer. It is essential to the health and functioning of the nervous system. Other benefits of B12 include the successful synthesis of DNA, the production of hemoglobin, cardiovascular support, and energy metabolism.

In addition, B12 is sometimes called the “painkilling vitamin” because studies in which participants took supplements lead to a reduction in perceived symptoms of pain and inflammation.

Your plant based supplement

At Green Leaf Sciences, we’ve developed plant-based D3 + B12 Gummy Supplements which includes a full day’s supply of each vitamin. They are all natural, gluten-free and plant-based, making them easier to absorb and use, also known as bioavailability. For convenience, we give you the option of buying online so you can have the product delivered right to your door.

Learn more about the myriad of benefits to gain from taking D3 + B12 Gummy Supplements on the GLS site. Are you doing everything you can to support a healthy nervous system?